Today we will discuss Student Visa Extension: Step-by-step in Australia. Students often find it difficult about the visa extension process. After their studies, it is not always easy to find a job to secure their stay. Sometimes, students need time for research, further study, or extended time for running courses or research. A visa extension will help them to buy some time.

You should apply before your visa expires. It will take time, so it is better to start the process while you have enough time to avoid any unwanted complications. The process may take three months.

Types of Extended Visas 

There are two types of visas you can get during the processing time. Bridging Visa A (BVA) if you apply from Australia will permit you to live in the country during that time. If you apply from outside of the country, you will need to wait for the new visa before entering the country.


Take admission into a new course and make an Overseas Student Health Cover. OSHC’s date should be aligned with the new visa date. Collect a Confirmation of Enrolment from your educational institute.


Arrange the required documents for applying for the new visa. 

  1. Birth certificate

  2. CV

  3. Confirmation of Enrolment. If you are doing postgraduate research, you will need a letter from your institute/ university.

  4. OSHC policy number

  5. Passport ID page

  6. A copy of every page of the passport with an Australian immigration stamp

  7. National ID card

  8. Marriage certificate, if applicable

  9. Parental consent if under 18 years old

  10.  Migration agent form 956 if required

  11. Personal statement with your reasons for extending your visa, your home situation, and this course’s importance.

Financial Documents

  1. Evidence of financial capability for a year's expenses, course fees, and expenses of your dependents.

  2. Documents of at least 60,000 AUD per year for students and 70,000 AUD for students with families.

  3. Letter of Support from the Department of Defence or Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

  4. For secondary exchange students, an acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Students form.

  5. Financial assistance’s record and history from a business or a person.

  6. Documents of any loan other than a student loan.


  • Log into your ImmiAccount, submit the documents and fill up your application. The cost will be 620 AUD.

  • The acknowledgment letter from the Home Office and Bridging Visa will come via email.

  • Complete the biometrics as per instructions.

  • Complete the ‘health assessment’ part with your recent medical reports. There will be a HAP number and a referral letter for a clinic. After your medical assessments, an eMedical service will send the report to the Department of Home Affairs.

A visa extension process is time-consuming, but not difficult. Just keep enough time for the process. Check your current visa status from time to time. If needed, consult an expert. Hope our guide to Student Visa Extension: Step-by-step will make the process easier. 

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