Everyone learns to speak their native language. Are there some things that kids are missing when they are emerging? Dr. J. Marvin Brown says that “both adults and children can do it right, but only adults can do it wrong.”

So why we can not use the same approach with a second language? Why we can’t learn American Or British English speaking like children? Easily and without a lot of effort.

In fact, we can. There are a lot of researchers who show that adults can learn languages even more easily and fast.

But here is the thing. We need to forget all that we were learning in school. Because it is the most important reason why we can not speak American Or British English at all. That’s the reason why we don’t understand anything when American Or British people are talking to each other. Yes, we can read American Or British and English newspapers, but this language is not the same. The people are not speaking that way. Their speech is different. If we want to understand native American Or British speakers and speak with them, we must find a different way.

In 1984, the American University Language Center in Bangkok started using a new approach to teaching the Thai language. The method is known as “Automatic Language Growth”.

The first mistake they noticed is that adults are trying to speak a new language too early. They don’t have enough exposure to the language yet and they are struggling and feel uncomfortable. They are bringing patterns from their first language and later they are speaking with a strong accent.

Children, in the beginning, are just listening to the new language. They start to speak when they are prepared. That’s a big difference.

The second mistake adults make is that they are thinking, that they must study grammar. That’s a huge mistake. A vital mistake. Children do not study grammar and that’s the key. If we want to learn American Or British English speaking we must learn to speak. Not grammar. Learning American Or British English grammar does not make you fluent. You must train your ears and you must train your mouth.

So how we can learn to speak without grammar? Simply. First of all, we must listen. Every day for one or two hours. The more is the best. We must listen to easy and understandable content. That builds our confidence. And we must begin to speak when we are prepared only. When we can do this without struggling. It comes automatically.

It is totally new approach to learning English. It is a real language. You can learn English speaking naturally. You can do the same. You can learn American Or British English speaking just like we did.

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