Where do you take your OET for Nurses exam?
FutureEd is the only exam centre for OET for Nurses in Bangladesh. Now you do not need to look any further for taking OET for Nurses exam. Ring our hotline +8801783605637 and get yourself registered. We have two dates available every month from March.

How frequent is the exam?
Twice a month from March.

Why should you take OET exam?
OET will open the door to UK with job and citizenship for you. If you are a registered nurse in Bangladesh with 1700hrs of working experience + OET score of C+, you are eligible to get a job leading UK citizenship in 5 years along with your family members. Your children’s education will be free too. It is a total migration package for you and your family in the UK. For detail call our hotline +88 01783605637.

How to apply for a job?
FutureEd will organise the process for your job application in the UK once you pass your OET exam. We also look after your family migration and settlement in the UK. Please call our hotline +88 01783605637 for detail.

How to prepare for OET for Nurses?
Prepare your OET for nurses with FutureEd. We are the largest and only authorised OET exam and preparation centre in Bangladesh. With over 3 years of success, our experienced trainers from UK and Bangladesh have successfully accompanied our students during the exam preparation courses. Also, we are already running the preparation courses for you with MOCK exams and free classes to boost your confidence. Please call our hotline +88 01783605637 for detail.

Do you have the opportunity to migrate to UK?
Yes! UK immigration opportunity for nurses from Bangladesh is open now.

This is a recent development from the UK government due to Brexit. UK is one of the safest countries in the world for your family migration, and its education system is the best option for your children in the world which will be free for you.

Be ready for this great opportunity.

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