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FutureED is the biggest IELTS test venue and IELTS test preparation centre located in Banani. The team at FutureED have decades of experiencing teaching English in Bangladesh, New Zealand, and Australia. For years, we have been working on how to streamline and improve the IELTS preparation for students. Get an IELTS indicative score by sitting for a Mock Test.

Why Book with FutureED English

Our Test Center is fully air conditioned and we provide headphones and feedbacks for all Mock Tests. Sit for a Mock Test in the same room where the Actual IELTS Exam takes place, to get complete test day experience before you sit for the real one. Stop taking multiple tests, take multiple mocks and pass your IELTS in one attempt.

We realised what people really need is an easy way to practice the test before sitting the real exam while having flexible payment options and test formats. This is why we partnered up with British Council to provide the best preparation materials for IELTS, while still offering a streamlined booking system.

Improve your IELTS test score with access to IELTS mock test, including study resources

Preparation is a key component to help pass the IELTS exam and get your desired score. The Mock test cover all sections of the IELTS exam; listening, reading, writing, and speaking with questions and answers to help you prepare and succeed. The mock tests will give you an indicative score and areas to improve before you sit the real test. Live, work, and study abroad by taking the IELTS Mock test with FutureED English.

See for yourself and book a Mock test with us today.


  • Free Mock Test with Feedback within 3 Days
  • Full IELTS Reading, Listening & Writing Test in both paper-based and computer-delivered format.
  • Full 1:1 Speaking test with an expert teacher
  • Band estimates and detailed teacher feedback on Writing Task 1 & 2 and Speaking
  • Scores and answers for all Reading and Listening tasks,
  • Scores for each skill (indicative only)
  • Only centre who provides Headphones for listening Mock test
  • Access to free study materials & mock test
  • Final Exam in the same environment
  • Flexible payment system
  • Full air-conditioned venue
  • Decades of experience

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See for yourself and book a Mock test with us today.

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