Today we will discuss How to Change Universities in Australia. Students are always excited to start their university life after graduating from school. They are ready to thrive in their new life with the new course, campus life, and meeting new people. However, more often they make the mistake of choosing the wrong course or institution.

There can be various reasons behind this. Maybe they are no longer interested in that course or the university. The location can be a problem. Sudden moving home or personal tragedy can be a reason too. Financial or visa issues can also create this change of decision. Whatever the reason is, you should know beforehand to be ready for any future adjustments.

Things to Consider Before Transferring to University

1. Research the criteria and eligibility for enrolling in a new university or course. As you are transferring, you already know the details. Although, going through the information once again for a new institution can be assuring and a wise step.

2. You may need to complete at least 6 months of the previously enrolled course in your present institution. As your student visa was issued for that university, you may need to consider this before changing to a new university.

3. You need to receive an offer letter from your new university to apply for a letter of release from your present university.

4. If you change university in mid-year, you will not have the opportunity to get financial support and student loans as you may have benefited from them in your present university.

Changing Process

The transferring or changing process varies from university to university and state to state. There are some common steps to change the university in Australia.

  • To make things easy and straightforward, your first step should be to meet your student counselor. Discuss your plans and reason with the counselor. As a professional, they can provide better advice and guide you through the process. 

  • The next thing should be to check your visa eligibility. Your visa was issued for your current university. So, you need to check if this is applicable to your new university. If not, you may need to reapply for your visa.

  • You need permission from your present university if you want to change it before 6 months.

  • The third step is to work on financial aid. As mentioned before, you can not use your current financial help, you need to reconsider your financial situation. For international students, financial funds can be an issue.

According to the university and course, requirements and eligibility can change. You may need to complete the payment in some universities or different requirements for funds, etc.

  • Select the course or subject you wanted to study. Take time and choose wisely.

  • Collect the information and keep the documents ready.

  • Start the process with enough time and complete the application carefully to avoid any mistakes.

  • After completing these steps, finally, contact the Department of Home Affairs. Provide them with your new university‚Äôs Confirmation of Enrollment Certificate to complete the rest of the process.

  • It can take one week to one month to complete the whole process.

  • Keep a copy of the documents in case they may be needed.

Changing universities may seem like a difficult process. Especially for international students, it can be worrisome. However, if you are not interested and have the opportunity to change, you should go for it. Hope our complete guide on How to Change Universities in Australia will help you further. 

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